Life insurance explained 

Read our life insurance FAQs to find out more about Zesty Final Expenses Insurance. You can also read our helpful guides or call us at to learn more.

What is Zesty Final Expenses Insurance?
How does Zesty Final Expenses Insurance work?
How much life insurance coverage can I get?
How much does it cost?
Are there any policy fees?
How long do I pay life insurance premiums for?
How much life insurance do I need?
What does life insurance cover?
What does life insurance not cover?
When should I get life insurance?
Will my life insurance premiums ever increase?
Can I get life insurance if I’m a smoker?
I have life insurance with my employer. Do I need more protection?
Does life insurance cover Coronavirus?
Are level premiums the same as the increasing benefit option?
Can I have more than one life insurance policy?
What is whole life insurance?
Can I cash in my life insurance policy?
How can I make changes to my policy?
What happens if I die during my first year?
Can I have a joint plan?
How do I buy Zesty Final Expenses Insurance?
Can I cancel my policy if I no longer need it?
Who gets the money from my life insurance when I die?
How do I (or my family) make a claim?
What happens if I miss any monthly payments?



Look after your loved ones with Zesty Insurance


Full coverage is after just 12 months for any death, except suicide, which is not covered for the first 24 months.


Guaranteed acceptance for Canadian residents aged 40-80. Not yet available in Quebec. 


Based on a 50-year-old female non-smoker with $3,000 of coverage.